Human Anatomy


Could anybody share some informations, documents or even some printouts about human anatomy and it's functions, it might help me in my studies. Thanks, hope to hear you soon guys.....


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Hi Nhatz!

I just finished a semester of grueling, in-depth anatomy... what are you studying right now? Or are you preparing for the semester ahead? I've got over 200 pages of notes I've taken, and diagrams that I've drawn out. I'd be more than happy to scan and pass them along to you, but I can't do it all at once!

Let me know what you're studying, and I'll send you my notes, etc as you get to those areas... sound fair?

This offer stands for any of you guys.. I'm more than happy to help a fellow student if I can! :) Feel free to PM me and I'll be glad to share my junk.


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Thank for your help it really mean so much to. Coz I kinda short right now with regards to my financial status at this moment, in short I don't have enough money to buy books for may study specially medical and sciences books. To tell you frankly I'm just preparing myself for the coming semester. For it's better to study ahead of time so if you could just share me your notes regarding human anatomy, I'd be thankful to have found someone as good as you even in this time. You could passed your notes if ever you have a free time even little by little.

Whatever notes or information that you'll share with me, for me they like treasures to me it's because I know it will help me a lot in ahead of time. Hope you'll understand me, I'm not that good as you are. I'm just an average person.

Until then, Thank You Very Much and More Power!!!!!!!!!!!!

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