HTC/iTech LPN Program



I'm just reaching out to anyone who is trying to get into the LPN programs @ either iTech in Immokalee or High Tech Central in Ft. Myers. I myself am trying to get into one of these programs so wanted to know of anyone else was to get some more advice or pre-entrance exam study guides or tips for the Teas or Pax test! Anyone who has been accepted into these programs, could you give me any advice on what to expect? I'm doing my nursing career step by step, LPN first then off to RN! I'm praying & staying positive that I will get in! Fingers crossed! Thanks ahead of time for any advice or information! :)


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I am also trying to enter into the Lpn program in fort Myers. I am looking for study guides that can help me with the pax test but I was unable to find any.I am also looking for advice from anyone who has already been accepted into the program from HTC.