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HPU Fall 2020 Checklist

jordamort jordamort (New) New

Hi All,

I've been conditionally accepted into HPU for Fall 2020 (I'm in the middle of my last pre-req. Once that is finished I'll be fully accepted.)

When I went online to accept the offer/ pay my enrollment fee, I realized that I don't have a username (even after going through the "first time user" link.) I emailed the student specialist for the nursing program, then the admissions dept who directed me to the help desk. The help desk sent me my username, which I immediately used to log in...But it didn't work.

I briefly read that I might just need to wait and they will email my school information and register me for classes, but the deadline is on May 15th to have these simple things turned in. I just want to get it over with so I can prepare for other aspects of the program.

Is anyone else running into this problem or know more about it?

Hi there! I'm sorry I am just seeing this. I too will be attending this fall! CONGRATS! I have had some similar issues and have gotten them all sorted. Feel free to email me if you have any questions! kwatt1@my.hpu.edu