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My name is Kiyah. I am applying to Howard Community College Nursing Program in Maryland. I am applying to the Accelerated Program and the Traditional Program. I have a few questions for individuals in the program now or that have graduated. My first question is there anybody that was an out of state applicant. I am a D.C. resident and I am really nervous about my chances of getting in so I would like to know your experience with being an out of state applicant. I also wanted to know what the schedule is like during the summer session of the Accelerated Program. I would greatly appreciate any insight.

I'm finishing up my last two pre-requisites this semester (Chemistry and A&P II) at Howard Community College. I'm not an out of state applicant but I am out of county. I just put in my supplemental application for the traditional RN evening program starting this fall. I was told by an advisor that as long as you meet the admissions requirements, you should be able to get a seat in the program. Your out of state status only comes into play when the number of seats gets low, THEN admission is granted by in order of priority, with Howard County residents being at the top. If you don't get a seat on your first try, HCC will give you priority the following semester. So, granted you fulfill all the admissions requirements, you will get a seat...just maybe not as soon as you planned.

Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the clinical portion of the program yet, so I can't help there.


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Thank youuu so much! I hope I get a seat in the program! I'm ready to start but I will be patient! Good luck with your classes this semester! We will be nurses before we know it!

You're very welcome! And thank you!

~Ericka :-)