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I have read many posts which explore infighting, eating young and oppression of nurses. Many have expressed the opinion that whatever you try to do about it, management won't listen or your coworkers are still going to turn on you. I would like to hear from anyone who has managed to succeed in getting through to their colleagues or administrators and how did you go about it?




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The first time that I experienced this was in a new 3rd shift position in ER. I was not a new grad but was new to the unit and area. I did not understand it and really still don't today but, I loved ER and I stuck with it. When the next new person came on I became one of the old timers and the other person was left out. I did take them under my wing and showed them the ropes because I did not want what happened to me to happen to them. The ER that I came from was a city hospital and the nights were hecktic, one of the feelings that I had when the new person came on is that I did not know if I could trust them or if they had the knowledge to back me up in and live or death emergency or when I needed help. The other thing that I did was mentor the assistant nurse manager who was a great nurse, not always friendly to me but who lead me to be the manager that I am today by picking up her habits.

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