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i earned a ba and a 2.6 gpa at a great school, but obviously i was not so great and my gpa is not very competitive. i believe i am an intelligent person. i just was too social in school. i am starting to take prereqs at osu-okc this fall. they seem like a great school witha point systems that puts lots of things in play besides grades, but i am still scared that the program is still too competitive for me. it made me wonder which schools in okc the most/least competitive.

prereqs are different at different schools. what if i want to leave my options open and apply to a bsn school? for example, i am registered in chemistry 1214 instead of 1314 at osu-okc because i have not taken chemistry in awhile, but it doesn't transfer to ou. anybody taken the chemistry 1214 or 1314? what is the difference? then uco requires a general biology before anatomy that nobody else requires. what if i decide next year that i really want to go for the bsn and i didn't take the right courses? or should i just realize that my gpa is not competitive enough for a bsn and focus on multiple associate programs?


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Every school has their own "point" system so, you really need to focus on one of them. I too had a previous degree with a lower gpa due to my first year in college. I initially looked into OU Acc/BSN but the GPA is hard to overcome, same goes for UCO. You might ask an advisor, but WITHOUT at least 3.0- not sure what the chances are at the BSN programs. I went to an OU application seminar- came out very discouraged!

I chose OCCC traditional program (needed 3.0 for ACCEL/RN). OSU-OKC is actually closer to me, but I would have had to take more pre-reqs and still would not have been very competitive with points. I'm happy with the Associate's because I already have a Bachelors and can always go on to MSN, CNS, or NP without it. & I really like OCCC too.

If you like OSU-OKC, then stick with them for ALL classes and gain as many points as possible, because it's hard to cover all the requirements for different schools. GOOD LUCK!

I would send a transcript to each school, to the appropriate person (one who will evaluate your transcript), and see if you already have anything that will apply toward a degree at that particular school. For me, this was the first step. And let me tell you, no one is perfect, but the vast majority of applicants to the BSN programs will have somewhat "Attractive" GPA's and science GPA's. Having said this, about 3-4 of the students in my BSN program were admitted with a 2.8ish GPA, no bachelor's degree. I would never tell you that you have no chance, and to not try, that would be foolish, but I do see how you could be discouraged due to the competitiveness. But, several things can be in your favor, such as pursuing a second degree, making GREAT grades in your pre-reqs (I know at OU, somehow it is worked into the point system any climb in your GPA from one program to another, etc). Anyway, just to start I have would my transcripts evaulated, see what transfers, and maybe have a couple, if not three options on your plate if you can swing it. That may not have been a lot of help, but that is what I would do to start. I wish you luck and hope things work out to your advantage.

This link will help you figure out what classes will transfer from different schools in Oklahoma. Good luck!

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