How do you Single moms balance work and family?


Im a 8 month old baby . I work in SNF 3-11pm shift.I use to do overtime alot before I got pregnant, but now overtime is cut out per our DON.Im acutally okay with it since I have a baby now and I have to pick her up from daycare (yes at night by 11:30pm,).SO I have to leave at 11pm or no later than 11:15pm.I dont have family to take care of my baby while im at work like my other co-workers do.The problem is that it seems that I cant do all the work in a 8 hour shift.No one does.People stay over but clock out and still work for a hour or so which is aganist the law.So some things I have to endorse to the next shift. because I have to leave on time.Sometimes the next shift cant do it and it comes back to Don pulled me into the office and says shes notice I missed some things(minor like date on the mar) to accusing of not transcribing a order on the mar(which I did and someone took out ..hmm funny).She boldy told me it seems like every since you had the the baby you havent been doing good with your work like before you were pregnant. Then she asked me what was going on?I told her nothing Im fine and I felt I have improved in certain areas.I went on to tell her after I came back from maturnity leave things changed here at work.I had 4 coworkers quit after I came back.I have 4 psych.pts(I have a long term hall) on my floor and 2 of them are combative and Im always chasing after them of running away from them.I have no supervisor helping. I answer the phones,lock the doors, pass meds,f/u with pt conditions, prevent the 2 wanders from going outside to the point of being hit,and It seems I have admissions on my shift only with no help from supervisor.My supervisor has told me that is part of my job finishing up everything.I advised her i have other responsiblities as well outside of work.Just because I dont stay overtime for free I feel Im treated differently and they try to make me feel like Im doing everything wrong.But Im a single mom, which they have no idea and is none of their business really.The way I was raised and how I raise my daughter is I will always have family come first not work like some people.Im just intrested hearing from different single moms on this .How do you go home on time and finish all your work, espeically if your kid is in daycare? Does you facility understand?


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Oh my, I'm struggling with this same issue this weekend. My daughter is 7 and in 2nd grade, and I've been working weekend contract only for a year and a half now (Fri, Sat and Sun nights). That way I can be home with her on school days and make sure homework is done and such. Usually her dad takes her every other weekend, and my sister the alternate weekend. But beyond that I have no back-up, so this weekend with illness in my family, I'm going to have to miss work. Normally I'm very dependable, so it's not a huge issue per se, but still I really HATE missing work. All I can say is be dependable overall, and it might not hurt to speak up and say you're having childcare issues. There's no shame in that. Also, it sounds like you're frustrated about the policies of your job, as well you should be. Their practices are illegal and they know it. I worked LTC for a year and had similar problems, and I left after a year. I felt like my license was on the line every day! I know it's hard to speak up sometimes, especially in this economy when many of us are worried about keeping our jobs. So I hope you figure things out... good luck!


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I have a similar issue although people at my work seem to be a little more understanding. I also work weekends and on weekends that my children are in daycare, I have to leave at a certain time. It leaves no room to stay after to complete stuff. I do my best to do everything on my shift, but if it doesn't get done I have to pass it on. I tell myself and others that nursing is a 24 hour job. I just try my best, its all I can do. I have to leave on time. Period. So that's my advice to you. Explain that nursing is 24 hours, tell them you did the best you can (and do it) and if I were you, I'd silently begin looking for another place to work. I've been personally struggling with being a single mom lately and thankfully my job is a little bit understanding but its hard. Its always hard, there's never a break. I feel like a failure because I have probably more assistance than most single moms but I'm still messing up. Oh well, I have to believe that one day it will improve, and I suggest you think the same way. This too shall pass.

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