How often do you work overtime?


How often do you get called in on your day off or pick up overtime in other ways? Also, how often do you get told in the middle of your shift that you'll be needed to stay and work the next shift as well because someone called out?

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I get called or offered an extra day on average about once a week. never any pressure though.

The staying and working the next shift has only happened to me once where i had to work the whole shift, however theres been numerous occasions where someone has had to stay longer waiting for our 3rd shifter to arrive.

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Every now and then they post a list of extra shifts that need to be picked up, and people can sign up for them. I also get a call asking if I'll come in maybe once every month or 2. We rarely have to stay for the next shift. The last few times I worked extra it was coming in early for someone on 1st shift.

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