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How is Nursing Program Different from College Program?

cotyan cotyan (New) New

Ok new here obviously, gathering info on how to start this nursing journey...

found out (from this board) that I can go through a hospital that has a nursing program or go the two year college route.

I'm looking to go the ADN route and then later if needed/wanted/desired go the BSN route.

My question is/are:

1) What is the difference between the two?

2) How do I find out if a hospital offers such a thing, I just looked online at the three major hospitals in Atlanta and I don't see anything, I guess I should call and ask HR?

3) I was also reading about level 1-4 clinicals once you start working - can someone elaborate what that is and how beneficial it is to your career? I'm assuming it's a good thing to have to advance yourself.

Thanks! I love this board!


#1nursing programs are different from regular college program because you have to apply for it with in the health occupations or whatever section of the college. You can't just register/schedule the classes like you can english classes etc.

#2 Not sure but calling HR or nursing education at that hospital should get you the info you need.

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