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I need to take my TEAS exam in the fall and I just wanted to know how much time I will need to study. Also Phisiology and Microbology will be my two final classes in the spring before I'm ready for nursing school. Could that make it more difficult for me? Also, what are some study techniques you've used that work. Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions.


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I'll start by saying I haven't taken the TEAS yet. From what I've read on forums on this site and another one, you'll need to know the basics in math like fractions and such. So if you're bad at those then you will need to review that. A couple people said using this book: Secrets of the TEAS® V Exam Study Guide: TEAS® Test Review for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (9781609710132): TEAS® Exam Secrets Test Prep Team: Books in combination with these practice tests: McGraw-Hill's 5 TEAS Practice Tests (9780071767774): Kathy Zahler: Books

They scored in the 80's and 90's so I imagine these must've helped them do something right. I wouldn't take the test lightly since it could be what gets you into school. Good luck!

Thanks XFITGIRL for your suggestions. When do you take your TEAS exam? Are you going to apply for an ADN or BSN program?


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I will also be taking my TEAS requirement hopefully in a month or so. I purchased my book at Amazon (title recommended by college I'm attending) and they are a refresher for me mostly in I have to take my biology 133 yet. Been a long time since I have biology class. Math are mostly solving problems in % and fraction, some algebra etc., not allowed to use calculators so timing yourself in different areas of TEAS test before taking it is a must. Unless you have photographic memory...;), I'm excited to take the test too but am taking my time. I work a midnight shift so I've been doing the studying at work during downtime, but a little apprehensive about getting into the program due to medical issues. Goodluck, I'm sure you'll do fine if you put your mind to it.


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Ill be taking the teas test exam in november to apply for the bsn program,,in may ill be taking the ati test online (its like 46) for two test..then go from there with my studying..then take it again in October to see my progress I'm using the teas v study booklet as well which have two practice test..scored a 71on the first one

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