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everyone! I've been at my current 1st LPN job for a little

over 7 mos in LTC, nocs. I do not like LTC, however, I do

know my nich is in L/D. LPN's aren't usually hired for this where

I live. I am going on to BSN starting this month. I am so un-

decided if I should quit my job, because I dread when I have

to go work. I thought about going PRN, and looking for some-

thing else. Even if it isn't nursing, until I can get my RN and

do what I really want to do. Also, I think the nocs help play a

role in this. Any advice will be appreciated. :confused:


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Update your resume and make an appointment to speak with the manager of the women's health department at the hospital(s) you would like to work. Don't assume ANYTHING in nursing simply because you heard it secondhand. Speak with the manager, human resources, etc. and find what positions are available for an LPN going for her BSN. Even if they don't hire LPNs in L/D, you would gain solid experience on a woman's health floor -- gyn, perhaps postpartum, etc. Also, have you thought about an ob/gyn's office? You hate where you work/what you do -- make the change. You have more options than you think. Good luck and go for it!. Sue


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That is a great ideal; an ob/gyn office. I am also very interested in women's health. I am still wondering if it is a bad idea to go

PRN or quit my job. Before I started working nocs I told myself

that I would give it at least 6 mos. I have passed that by a little

over a month. :p


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Keep up the medical experience as long as you can. It looks good on a resume even if it's only prn. Besides, maybe one of your medical employers will help pay for your school if you're employed. Obviously this doesn't mean you have to stay in LTC, but don't quit that job til you have a new one lined up. Good luck to you!

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