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How much experience do I need to travel??

RNnewgrad specializes in ICU.

I know the travel companies say a year.... but is an ICU nurse well equipped enough by then to travel?? I was a floor nurse for a year before that and love the change and challenge of new situations and people. Plus, my hospital has broken two promises to me already! and it's only been 6 months!

No one is ever completely ready to travel because every hospital is a completely different experience with new or different ways of doing things. It helps to have a broad knowledge base in regards to trauma/medical/surgical situations-meaning you can function as a code team leader, have extensive hemodynamic monitoring experience, and can function c ittle or no orientation. I tell nurses that you're ready to travel when you reach the point that you don't worry about the type of patients assigned to you or what the admission from the ER may be-you can pretty much take anything that rolls through the door without going I've never seen anything similar to this case.I think flexibility is the greatest characteristic a travel RN can have with patience a close second. Ask several of your coworkers that you feel are competent ICU practitioners if they think you are ready-they know your knowledge base, critical thinking skills, and your strengths and weaknesses from first hand experience. Travel nursing is not for the weak at heart but the rewards are huge. Good luck!:balloons:

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