How many years of ICU experience?


How many years...


How many years of ICU experience did you have before you were accepted into your CRNA program? I am considering doing only 12-18 months but I don't know if I should do two or more.

Your experiences and thoughts would be very helpful to me! I am most interested in Oregon, Midwestern and Gonzaga as far as schools are concerned, but I would be very interested to hear your experience regardless of what school you go to/went to.

Thanks a lot!

PS- Also--was your amount as of the application, interview, or when the program began. I've been unsure, when a school states "1 year" or "2 years," if this needs to be the case at application, or at the beginning of the program.


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Most schools want you to have your experience completed when you begin school. I had two years of nursing and 5 as a RRT.


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i'm probably missing something obvious, but what is an RRT? and were both of your two nursing years in intensive care? thanks again.


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Both of my years were in a Neuro ICU at a level I trauma center, and RRT stands for Registered Respiratory Therapist :)


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I had 18 months of CVICU experience when I applied and will have 2 years by the time school starts in August (I can't wait!!!)


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Granted I have been a Nurse for like 12 years, but I only had 7 months in the ICU when I interviewed and was accepted.



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I have 15 years Neuro ICU all in level I & II trauma centers. I never applied until '07 though, so don't know if I would have gotten in years ago or not. Am going to TCU this fall!

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