How to make an opposite shift relationship work?

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Hello all. I am 25 and recently moved in with my boyfriend. He is older than I.

We both work in healthcare.

A couple months ago I started a brand new job that very soon will be night shifts. (7p-7a). I landed this job recently but honestly I am not happy with the schedule and don't see myself here long. 

My bf works day shifts (7a-7p) as a PA.

In a couple weeks my schedule will change.. and I worry a lot about how our lives will change together. 

I am already on the search for a different job that is similar to my boyfriend schedule, so this is definitely not something permanent.

But I am unable to transfer jobs for at least the next (5-6) months. This is due to policy. So there's a big chance we will be opposite for that long. 

My BF has been very supportive of me and feels that we will be okay despite this change. He says it's only temporary and that I shouldn't stress. 

 We both work 3 days a week, so we plan on matching our schedules to have the same days off. It's just that I will be nights and him on days. 

I'm worried and I would also like some advice on making things between us work out or if any of you here have been through similar things like this.

I'm also scared to have FOMO and miss out on things like family functions, dinners, dates, games that sometimes we do in our evenings.

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