How long before you take the NLEX?

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:p How long does it take before you take the NCLEX after graduation?

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I don't know about your state, but I recentlly callled my state's BON to see if I could get an estimated time. The answer was that they can't say! The process involves your school sending the paperwork to the BON, then the BON has to verify everything. You then get approval to test, and register with the company that does the states NCLEX testing. Then your info is verified again between the testing company and the BON, and you get a testing date.

There is also mandatory background checks in this state as of this year, but according to the BON, the check does not interfere with your testing date, but does have to be complete before a liscense can be issued.

So it all depends on how quickly the paperwork gets put through, and there are too many variables to give a specific time frame. But, unofficially, I've heard from previous graduating students that it takes about a month, more or less.

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Depends. At my school it takes about two weeks after graduation to get the authorization to take the test. Then you have to make the appointment at the same time every other nurse graduate is trying to make their appointments. From what I've been told, we graduate May 23, we can excpect to take the exam in late June, early July.


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I graduated in December, took the NCLEX in January, and found out I passed in February.

Good luck!


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