How long does it take to get your ATT from ARIZONA Board of nursing?

U.S.A. Arizona


I submitted my application may 1 and the board of nursing received my affidavit of graduation from my school may 17. They have my finger prints and info but nothings been updated since may 17. I haven’t heard anything about when I should get my ATT to schedule the NCLEX. A classmate called late may and they said 2-3 weeks. I called June 9 and they said 3 weeks. Someone called today and they said 10 weeks.

Is this a regular thing? Are they always this backed up? Or is this a new thing? The time frame online says 30 days but many of my classmates have exceeded that already.


would love to hear anyone else’s recent or current experience with the AZBN.


thanks for listening to my rant!


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