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How long should I study for CMSRN

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by sammi2006 sammi2006 (Member)

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I have been a RN for 3 years and most of that time has been in medsurg, and I would like to become certified. For those who took the CMSRN how long would you recommend I study?

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As someone who has worked for over fourty years in nursing and is also a teacher (gradeschool, MS, HS, adults,) I cannot say that there is any sort of simple answer to your question. So, here's the simplest good response I can come up with: Get the outline of what they say is on the test. Look it over carefully. If possible, take a sample test, to find out where you are. Then, make a list of things you need/wish to review. Then, choose a Goal Date for when you'd like to sign up for the test. Then make a study plan that includes reasonable, measurable, goals, including dates. Then, follow your plan. Then do another check for understanding "sample test," if possible. Revise your Study Plan or just take the test whe you feel ready. There have been times when I just bit the bullet and took an actual test as a sort of "pretest" check for understanding, only to pass the thing just fine without "studying" at ALL. Other times, I have felt a wish to learn more REGARDLESS of how I might do on a test, so I just started with the outline, checklist, etc. So, basically, take ownership of your learning needs (like you probably did in nursing school, I hope,) and pursue the goal! And do keep us posted!

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