How do you like National University?


If you are in the nursing program at National University I would like your thoughts and input about the BSN Program in Los Angeles. I just got an acceptance and would love to hear from current and past students, please give me as much input as possible, what are your likes, dislikes and some advice on whether I should wait for a community college spot, thanks soo very much

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Hi Yoli, :anpom:congrads on your acceptance! I'm not a N.U. nursing student but I'm interested in NU's bsn program and I'm in the process of applying I was hoping you could share with me the info you know about the program, was it difficult to get in? do you know if their is their a waitlist? or how often they accept nursing students? I'm also struggling with the decision of whether to wait for a community college spot or not, I'm also nervous because my gpa isn't too high. thanks for your help, I hope we can hear input from current nu nursing students. :)

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thanks so much, more than anything the one thing i have learned ablut applying for nursing schools is that half the battle is the application process, FOLLOW THROUGH, its time consuming and tidious, follow all their diections and do whatever they ask.

As I understand it Nationals wait list isnt too bad in comparison to community colleges (about 3 semesters) their applications are twice a year I wouldnt worry so much about GPA as I would your sciences (should be a B or better) you dont have to have a 4.0 though. If I were you I would call them and attend their orientation its a wealth of information and Yvonne is great at answering all your questions. Good luck and we'll hope to hear from people.


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Congrats on your acceptance! I am going to apply this Feb for the May cohort.

A few questions: What was your GPA and TEAS score? Did you just apply once then got accepted? Are you going the Generic or Accelerated?

I know science is what you need to worry about. I got a C in anatomy and physio when i took it at CSULB. I am a Kin major and hoping to change it to Nursing. My GPA is fine but I'm still worried about my C's in my sciences. I still have to take my Micro this fall. And waiting to see if they would approve my replacement class for BioMeds of this equivalent class I took at LB also.

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i'm pretty sure they insist that you take their biomeds course. bummer. good news is it goes by fast LOL. if you're taking it at the los angeles campus they only offer it online and teaching math to yourself can be frustrating! also my professor required weekly live chat sessions which was awful because if you work or have any other obligations at the time of the session then you're left to catch up on your own. i have a gpa of 3.88 but i'm planning to do very well on the teas v and essay. anyone here know if the practice test scores are indicative of your anticipated actual score?