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How to leave a good situation for a new hospital back home... advice needed


Hello everyone.

I've been an RN for over a year, and have worked on a Med/Surg (primarily Surgical) unit for over a year. I relocated to a smaller hospital after ADN school, and have really enjoyed it.

I have great co-workers, solid 7a-7p hours, and am respected and well liked by patients and co-workers.

Here's my problem: I hate the city where I live. I relocated down here from the city because I didn't want to make the commute (like two of my peers made).

After a solid year of acute care experience, I have applied to two hospitals back in the city and have gotten interviews for both.

One is a cardiology unit, and the other is for an ER position.

Today just had a telephone interview about 10mins ago for the ER position and thought it went pretty well. I'm always a glass half empty type of guy, so I know there could always be improvement with anything. My face to face interview for the ER position is on the 11/21.

My interview for the cardio unit is on the 26th.

My main problem is that I need references (particuarly my manager/supervisor) for these interviews.

How do I go about asking my nurse manage and supervisor this?

I just had my one year review last week (which was a month late) and was told how great, liked, and awesome I've been as an RN.

Again, I love my co-workers and boss. I am liked (not trying to be cocky) and respected by staff and physcians. I feel as if I bring a bit of youthful fun and energy to my unit.

But I do miss home, and the city....

I feel selfish for wanting to leave a good thing; and I'm sure they are sick of one year 'dippers'.

Any advice on my situation?

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You could just tell the new managers you don't want your current manager to know. They should get that. Are there any peers that could serve as references that would keep quiet for you? Any professors? Previous employers?

Or, be honest with ur current manager. I've left 2 jobs before due to location and I think managers take it easier and are more understanding rather than if you were leaving cuz you hated it. Chances are, you'll eventually find a job elsewhere anyway right?! Don't feel guilty.