How did you learn to scrub/gown and glove?

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I am responsible for teaching a new nurse to scrub, gown and glove.

Last week I gave the new nurse the hospital policy on scrubbing, gowning and gloving and also asked her to read the section on this in a perioperative textbook which we have at work. Today we went through actually how to do it. I got her to do it with me (along side me) while I was teaching her.

Is this how you learnt to scrub, gown and glove or did you learn another way? I would love to hear from you.

That sounds about right! Reading alone can be confusing especially if you haven't seen it before so it's hard to mentally picture doing it. When I learned to do a surgical hand scrub (a year ago), we went through/read the AORN periop 101 module, then watched my instructor do it and then she had us do it and she watched us.

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