How to land a job in chemo infusion?

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How to land a job in chemo infusion?

Hello all. I worked in inpatient oncology for 2 years and administered chemo, worked in step down oncology, and worked with a lot of patients that had solid tumor cancers.

After 2 years I felt the need to try something new and take a chance in a different specialty.. so I transferred to a NICU.

I've been here 6 months and realize it is not for me long term. It's a beautiful area of nursing, but it's not for me honestly. I am unhappy. Nights suck. 

In 5 months I am able to apply for a transfer, and have been thinking about transferring to a chemo infusion center that is apart of the hospital company I work for. 

I would love to work there and have a normal schedule again on dayshift. I miss accessing ports and working with cancer patients.

I have a couple old co workers that work in the chemo clinic as well, would it be odd to ask them for tips? 

Can anyone give me tips on landing such a job? I worry that my stint into NICU will decrease my chances.

I am trying to get a per diem position at another chemo clinic so I can have it in my resume. Trying to work that and in the NICU in the meantime!

Can anyone give me advice, greatly appreciated!

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