How to improve grades in nursing school?



i just got done my 2nd year of nursing school(BSN) however I received a C In a class (Med surg 1)that I need a B in and am now held behind a year. I cannot receive a C in a nursing class again or I will be kicked out of my schools nursing program..

does any one have any advice on how I could improve my test scores?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance :)


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I would say to see if you could cancel a few extracurriculars out from your life for a while to get more study time. Get the time you need down for more studying, then add in extracurricular activities (such as night out w/friends) when you know you can spare time or need a mental health day. Also see if any type of testing accommodations can be made available to you. Ex: I have testing anxiety and got the option to test in a separate room and have time and a half on tests at my previous college. My scores went from low 50s and 60s to 75%or higher. Also don't be afraid to form study groups, see a tutor for assistance if possible to make sure you have everything down and even meet regularly with instructors to see if they offer extra help as in study techniques and clearing up questions.


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I don't mean this in a condescending way... But.

Study more.

Also, study effectively. If flash cards work for you, make flash cards, if you have to read the content multiple times, read it multiple times. Attempt to teach the content to a friend or family member. I always found that that helped me with comprehension of a topic. Take small breaks. Whatever it is that works for you to make you more effective, do it.


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This is a really good point (as is @kcollins08 's point as well). Study more, and longer - and I know how hard time is to come by!

Consider how efficient your study habits are. The older we get, the harder it can sometimes be to concentrate, so turn off the phone and the TV and music. I've found white noise helps, either the air conditioner or the space heater (you can tell I live where there are seasons).

We live in an overly-distracted culture so you need to nix as many distractions as you can. I would also suggest (a) a study/accountability partner and/or (b ) getting help from professors or their assistants. There is no shame whatsoever in getting help! It's important to get through this and finish, so if that's the way to go, then do it.

Rooting for you!


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My tip is change the way you are studying. Break things down into diseases/pathologies and interventions. Use your online study resources. It helped me to go to the section we were learning in class in the NCLEX review book I would read that section and do some of the questions. Make sure you are getting quality study time. Take notes in class. Mark everything your teacher says in class. Learn any tables they point out. After you have your class notes, write it out in your own words. For example: what is dka? How is it developed? What is done to treat it? Etc. Once you have made your notes, use them as a study guide. Review every day. Do what wat works best for you. You will do better the second time.