How do I switch from hospice to birth center nursing

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I've worked my entire 7yr nursing career in various positions as a hospice nurse. I'm good at it and well respected, but I'm tired of death. I'm feeling the burn out of this field, despite having just switched to a new position in a different company. Lately my heart has been pulling me towards working with pregnant moms and assisting them in growing their families. I would love the opportunity to work in our local freestanding birth center, but I am unsure of how to make that transition. Anyone have any advice for moving from one field of nursing to another? How do I prove that given the chance I'd be an asset to their team?

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Congratulations on staying in hospice for so long! I just left my most recent hospice RN Case Management position for the same reason you are looking to leave. I am tired of death. I loved caring for my patients and their family but in hospice, you are never quite "off" shift. Your life becomes about death. Your perspective on life changes and you can forget to live in the "here and now".

I didn't work in hospice nearly as long as you have. I have experience in NICU, L&D, and postpartum so my abilities to get a position at the local hospital were somewhat easier than you might have. I did highlight my hospice nursing skills and discuss how they are a wonderful asset for a unit that, on occasion, needs that excellent nursing skill. Before hospice, I had one newborn death at delivery and I didn't quite know how to handle it. I now would be honored to have that mom on my assignment. You need to look at all the positives of your hospice career and how they can benefit you in this area. (time management, stressful situations, difficult family members and your ability to bring them together, etc) Look into all the improvements in processes that you have contributed to and put them on your resume for each company you are listing.

Good luck to you in your search and keep trying!