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How I scored a 93% on the science portion of the TEAS VI

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Hi guys, I took the TEAS on Saturday and ended up getting a 93% on the science section of it (overall I made a 86%, with english being my lowest section at a 79%- so that brought my score down). It seems that the science section is what people tend to struggle most with, so I though I would add some tips that might help you guys prepare.

I have already taken A&P 1&2 and majority of the test was A&P, so my first tip of advice would be to finish those classes. I bought my review book from ATI to start studying for the test around September, but honestly I did not really start hardcore studying until maybe a couple weeks before my scheduled test date. For a little bit of background, when I took A&P I made pretty good grades for those classes (though I studied ALOT for it,) so studying for the science section of the TEAS was mainly just reviewing information I may have forgotten.

When I started studying, I bought one of those cheap seventy cent notebooks and using the ATI manual and my textbook from A&P, I would go system by system and basically write down all I needed to know about that system in my notebook. Once I went through each system and made notes, I went back again and started studying the notes I made and watched a TON of Khan Academy videos.

As for content on the science section of the TEAS, I think I may have overprepared honestly. I went in thinking I would get asked really specific questions, but they were asking really general questions. So basically, you do not need to study each section too in-depth. As long as you have a generalized idea about the components and parts of each system (ex. function of the pancreas, gallbladder, things they secrete, role of certain cells in the body, etc.,) you will do fine.

As for other science on the test such as chemistry and life science, I maybe had less than ten questions on those topics. I did not really study for those topics as I am currently in chem., but the questions they asked were pretty self explanatory.

Overall relax! You will do fine!

Congrats to you! I take the TEAS next month. I've been studying myself. How were the other sections besides science? I've read horrible things about people not doing so well. I know everyone is different and test differently. With that being said, I try now to freak out! I hope and pray that my studying pays off! I have to score a 58 or higher to get into my nursing program. The higher the better!

Thank you so much! I'll break it down as best as I remember.

Reading- This section actually seemed harder to me than what was given on the practice test. I was averaging high 80s and 90s on the reading section of the practice test, so I did not study it that much. But the actual test seemed a little bit more difficult, only because I didn't prepare as much for it, as reading is usually a strong area of mine. Definitely know the differences between and index and glossary and things like that.

Math- For starters I am TERRIBLE at math and I hate it, so this is the section I was most nervous on. The actual test was about the same level as the practice test, and it was not that hard. I did end up running out of time for the last three or so sections, so I had to guess on them. But I made a decent score around the mid 80s, so fine with me. Concepts behind this section were pretty easy, definitely know how to calculate stuff like percent increase/ decrease, and using word problems to set up equations, it was not that bad really.

English- This section was my lowest section when doing the practice test. Though I thought the actual english section on the TEAS was pretty much the same if not slightly easier than the practice tests. Definitely just go over common grammar rules such as when to use a colon/ semicolon, know the types of clauses, and commonly mispelled words. I just really suck at knowing the punctuation rules, so this section brought down my scores.

I walked out of the test thinking I bombed everything but the science section honestly (as for the practice test I was averaging 72's) but when my score came back I was SUPER happy about it. So don't stress!! I'm sure you will do awesome

I made A's in A&P, but I took it several semesters ago and I'm a bit "rusty". In practice exams I'm scoring pretty high in Reading and Math (90's), but I was really struggling with the science! Are these the khan videos you used? I'm so disappointed that I seemingly miss "duh" questions in the science section.

Human anatomy and physiology | Health and medicine |

Khan Academy


could you give me a link to study science portion that u watched from khan acadamey? thankss

Yes, those are the videos I used! Each system has multiple videos, so I just watched the ones that I felt I needed to do. Another great thing I used to study was the pocket prep app. It basically quizzes you on whatever topic you choose (math, science, etc.,)


I take the TEAS next month and Science is definitely not my strongest do you have any suggestions what materials I could use to be more helpful? I purchased the ATI study manual and I also bought the app for my

phone as well!

Hello! Sorry for the late reply I have been busy with finals, but the only thing I REALLY used to study was the ATI manual and my A&P textbook. I am also in chemistry this semster, so to review for that I just went over the powerpoints from that class my teacher provided. One thing I also did that I think helped me was after studying a system, say the respiratory system for example, I would go online and search "respiratory system quizzes". And basically I would take some quizzes to see if I knew the material after studying.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for suggesting the Khan videos. I scored a 94% in my science portion and a 90% overall on the TEAS. WOo!