How do I register for a practice exam?

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I know this is probably a stupid question but I am finding excelsior's website kinda difficult to navigate. I am on the Exams, status and scores page, and I want to register for a practice exam before my test next week. Please help!!

Also, another question for you guys who have tested with Excelsior already, do I need to bring my ATT letter to the Pearson center?

I am really nervous about this test. I am finding the material so dry and boring (transitions) and feel like I have been studying for days with no results--is the key to this one just memorization? :confused:

I had the same problem, at first. I looked all over for it! If you log in, on the MyEC page, you should see a link on the right that says Excelsior College Practice Exams Registration. As long as you have already registered for your exam, you can get the practice exam.

The only thing I have had to have for the testing center is my driver's license (just some form of ID).

Transitions is dry. Nothing exciting. It's not really hard, though. I took it week before last. Do it and get it over with so you won't have to think about it, again. More exciting subjects await you! :)

Where you able to get in? I have been having timeout issues this evening. :mad:

Specializes in Tele/Neuro/Trauma.

I just finished taking it but I did have to call tech support because it kept logging me out. I got a 67%. I hope I do better on the real test.

Did tech support have you do anything? I normally don't have any problems.

It seems the more I study this material, the more I find I need to study. :mad:

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