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How do I know which Peds department...?

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So, I need some advice from the experienced pediatric nurses!

What would be the best way to find out which department I want to work in? I have always wanted to do peds, but couldn't get a job out of school, and now that I have some experience under my belt I'm thinking of making the jump. The only problem is that for the last year and some change, I've been in a cardiac ER that sees almost zero children, so I haven't gotten a whole lot of experience with the kind of illnesses I would see in a childrens hospital.

So, my question is, what is the best way to even figure out WHAT position to apply for? Theres a pediatric hospital system that has 3 hospitals about 50 miles south of me, so they have every department you can imagine (hem/onc, transpant..) and I just feel so overwhelmed because I have no idea what it's like!!

Volunteer? Talk to the nurse recruiter? Just take the jump and see? Stay with cardiac and go from there?!

Uugghhh... advice!

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Start by asking yourself what type of patient you would enjoy working with? Do you prefer little kids? or big kids? kids who are critically ill? or kids who are awake and talking? kids who might die? babies? adolescents? Do you like your patients conscious or unconscious? etc. etc. etc.

Do you prefer to work with patients who stay in the hospital for a long time so that you develop a real relationship with the child and family? Or do you prefer to work with patients for a brief encounter only?

Yes, volunteering might help you develop a sense of your preferences.

After you have started to get a sense of the type of patient you might like, explore the different hospital units. Information on each unit is probably available on their websites. Then talk to the recruiter about your interests and let her help you finalize a good match.

Good luck!

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