How do I do my job more efficiently?


So I'm a brand new CNA working at a long term care facility on the dementia unit. We have about 15 residents and 2 CNAs per shift (I'm second shift)

Our responsibilities include 

getting 11 residents (who are all full lifts that require two people to do) checked, changed, and slinged then transferred to the dining room. 
getting the other four ready for room trays or cued/ assisted to the dining room

handing out drinks, food, and room trays, feeding 4 residents who can't feed themselves, transporting/transferring them all to their rooms and beds and checking/ changing them then going to give up to 4 showers a day.
It takes so much time and we can't shower them beforehand because it doesn't allow us enough time (2 hours) to get them to the dining room.

theres a night shift CNA who seems to hate my guts Im assuming because I'm not fast enough and we have to stay up to 1.5 hours passed our shift to complete everything. She will be rude and disrespectful to me but is a sweetheart and says she  'understands they're under a lot of pressure' to agency staff I work with side by side all day to the point of being conjoined twins. I already had to go to HR not even a month into my job because the person training me treated me like a dog and would get so rude with me to the point that the other agency CNAs, CMAs, and even nurses would stick up for me. HR, management, and everyone else knows my work ethic and that I go above and beyond every day to provide quality care and even offers apologies and pitty to me for how much I have in my shoulders. 
I'm a good worker and get everything done in the end but I can't stand the constant berating, attitude, and even bullying this night shift nurse puts me through saying I need more training when it's not the training its the time. My only choices are two improve my time management while still offering quality care which is why I'm reaching out, or going back to HR which I really don't want to have to do because I feel like they might see me as the problem and I may be but we have 8 hours to get everything done. With my personality, defending myself might end with me getting fired or thrown in jail because I've tried every professional route possible. So please I am desperate for suggestions and advice.


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This is a difficult situation, I myself have experienced. Only for me it is the nursing supervisor. So you are given a hand book when you started your job and you need to look up company policy on harassment, bullying etc.

You will want to know policy and your rights as their employee. No one wants to be a tattletale and or wants to be treated poorly when your their to work. My advice is to stand up directly for yourself and make it clear that you are doing your best and that is all anyone can do. 

If it continues I would go to your HR and file a complaint. Even if nothing happens you have proof of bringing this to their attention. You could request that you be moved or shift change. However, your going to run in to this again and what worked for me was having a zero tolerance policy. If you make it clear you won't be spoken to or treated like that from a professional way Ofcourse you are more then with in your rights. You took all the steps necessary to correct the situation. You gotta push back as difficult as it may be. The most important thing you could do is know the company policy on harassment or abuse in the work place. Make personal notes of things that have occurred date and time. If it doesn't stop and no resolution is found then seek legal advice. Do not allow anyone to treat you that way!