How do I get Nurse Paralegal experience???

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Can someone answer any of my questions???

I have worked as an RN for 2 years and in the direct nursing field for 8

years. I have an interest in becoming a Nurse Paralegal, but I do not know

the best way to go about this. I work in Massachusetts and saw a Legal

Nurse Consulting Program at Northeastern University, which is an intense 12

week program costing around $2500. Interested in becoming a Nurse

Paralegal, I contacted an attorney who hires Nurse Paralegals. He told me

that from his experience, the Northeastern University program is a waste of

time. He also said that I should get hands on experience working in a law

firm reviewing cases. I have no legal experience and I do not know if a

lawyer would be interested in training me in this field.

1)How do I get experience in this field?

2)What types of experience do I need?

3)Am I too inexperienced in the nursing field?

4)Will an attorney allow me to work with them and review cases so that I can

get legal experience? ......

5)If so, which type of attorney should I focus my time in contacting?

6)Upon contacting this attorney, what can I do at present experience level

to help his law firm and still get Nurse Paralegal experience as well?

7)What college course should I also focus on learning (I currently have not

studied any law course yet, but would like to...and I'm not sure which

course to start focusing in on first)?

8)How much do Nurse Paralegals make per/hour on average, or is it per/case?


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Read your post. I have been looking for info on certified legal nurse consultant. Go to A vickie maluzzo teaches a certification course in Philadelphia in September. A friend of mine took it and said it is "great" but intense and you take your certification exam after the course is finnished, so everything is fresh in your mine. I believe the course is $1500 and is for 6 days but if you register before June or 45 days before you get a $100 discount. There is also canyon college in ohio who is offering a legal nurse consultant course online for $900.



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Hi, greg. I am lucky, I have a sis who is a lawyer, ex-RN, that has been giving me charts to review lately. I have extensive experience in LTC and that is what most of her lawsuits involve, LTC. It is very sad, but all I do is pore over these charts and tell her what I see and don't see. Example, if an elderly man fell about 6 times, what is the problem? Looking through the MD orders and all the nurses documentation, the nurses did not restrain this poor man per MD orders. The man fell and broke hip and went downhill from there. I just type facts and a summary, and give it to my boss. I already told her I could have been sued about a million times. I thank God every day I wasn't sued.

greg in mass

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Thanks for answering me.

As for me, I am interested in the legal field. I am not quite sure the best approach at going into this field while utilizing my nursing degree as well. I have read other emails and posts from several other people related to these type of questions. I have to say that everyone is giving me more ideas than I realized. Actually a friend told me to post my questions on a forum to get some ideas related to my such questions. I never knew what a forum was. I then came across this nursing forum, and I am very happy to utilize this as resource without even leaving my home or work.


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