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How do I become more attractive?

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I began a home health job in pediatrics upon graduation (almost 2 yrs ago.) Since then, I've gained some valuable experience with trachs, vents, gtubes, etc. which I hoped would help me achieve my dream of being a critical care nurse.

I live in the Northeast where any job is hard to come by, and a hospital job is almost entirely out of the question unless you have a BSN, which I do not. So, how can I become a more attractive potential hire? I plan to acquire my BSN and am considering ACLS and PALS certifications on my own dime to show that extra effort. What else can I do?

Also, 6 months into my job I badly (and I mean badly) herniated my L5 lifting a patient. This caused a year or so of awful, indescribable chronic, and at times, excrutiating acute pain. I can't go through that again, even for my dream job, for the sake of my quality of life and future. Are there any areas of critical care that would be easier on my back (NICU aside?)


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