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How does the hiring process usually work

by Danielle123 Danielle123 (New) New Nurse

Hello everyone,

I had an on the spot phone interview for a private LTC facility on Monday. Right after the call the emailed me saying they could hire me to start tomorrow (Tuesday) if I gave them references and a background check. This all seemed very abrupt but I need work so I was happy that I could start so quickly. I provided references as requested and within a half hour my references contacted me telling me they gave me a positive reference. I then completed my background check using a program that the administrative coordinator sent me. By the next morning (Tuesday) my record check results were in and shared with the facility. However, the administrative coordinator emailed me early in the afternoon asking for my back ground check so I send them a screenshot since they mustn't have seen the results. I have not heard back since from either the person who interviewed me or the coordinator. Is this normal? How long should I wait to contact them back? It seemed like they wanted me to start ASAP but now there is no communication. Thanks.


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Agencies work on many candidates at the same time. If you do not hear from them in 48 hours, you can call them back. Which area you were offered job? is it Caring heart guys offering you job?