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How to go from Canadian to US Nursing?

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Hi everyone,

I'm a nursing student in Canada and would love to practice in the states when I graduate next year, particularly in Maine. I know nothing about the process of actually being able to work there. What do I need to know/do to make this happen, and when should I start?

Thanks in advance!

First, graduate, pass the NCLEX, become licensed and work as RN in Canada. Second, apply to the Maine state board of nursing, using the application for license as registered professional nurse by endorsement Canadian applicant. Scan the Maine nursing job market by looking at hospital job postings and by asking Maine hospitals' and other health care facilities' human resources if they hire Canadian nurses under the TN visa.

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yup sounds about right the main thing is especially as a new grad is to get some experience in Canada first it will be hard to get a job in the US with no work experience because theres a lot of New RN grads in the states that are in the same position and cant find a job due to hospitals wanting nurses with experience


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I know you mentioned you are studying in Canada, but the question is are you a citizen here? Because getting a TN Visa would depend on that. If yes, finish school then pass NCLEX.

Although it would be hard to apply anywhere without experience, it is possible. I was able to get a TN Visa to work in Cali (where I took my NCLEX years ago) without any current experience. There are hospitals that directly hire nurses but you would be hard pressed to find one. It would be easier to find an agency that do have connections. The agency I found did not charge me with anything but I do believe they have a cut on my signing bonus.

You can also go to Maine and have a vacation to check if hospitals are currently hiring Canadians, or visit the hospital websites for job postings. It would probably be easier to email the hospitals if they do accept Canadians. If they do hire Canadians, apply and do your best to get accepted. If you're really set on practicing there, start with your Visa Screen, too ( after passing NCLEX). You would need 3 things to get the TN visa: proof of citizenship, letter of employment, and Visa Screen Certificate plus additional docs.

hi, i would like to know if you had a canadian RN license before you got a TN visa? i have a US licensce but i dont have a canadian license. BUt i do have a previous experience in my home country.

@toscarose are you a Canadian citizen? one of the requirements for TN visa is Canadian citizenship.

Not yet but soon. Im more concerned about if u need to be a Canadian RN to be able to qualify for a TN

To qualify for RN in the US you need to have a Visa Screen which determines whether your Cdn Nursing education is equivalent to a US nursing education.