How to get work experience before starting nursing school?

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Hi everyone,

I'm taking some pre-nursing classes this year, and am hoping to get into an ASN program next fall. I have a bachelor's degree in Nutrition, but don't really have any work experience so far.

I am wondering if it would be a good idea to get some experience working in a hospital before I start nursing school? What would be a good way to go about getting experience? I've considered taking a CNA program, but it might be a bit much with the other courses I'm taking right now.

Is it ok to go into nursing without any clinical experience?

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I think working as a CNA will help with your confidence, and if you get a job at a hospital it may help you get a job when you are a nurse, but i think you can do just fine in clinicals with out working as a CNA. The first few times are a little nerve wrecking but i'm getting used to it.

I'm only in my first semester, so I'm not to worried about it at the moment. There are some summer internships in my area i'll apply for next summer for experience, and If I have to get a job as a CNA my 2nd year of school then I will (just to help with employment)

The bonus for me is that my school requires CNA for admission, so even though I don't work in a hospital/nursing home, i do have the certification.

It really all comes down to money, and if you want to pay to take the CNA course. My advice though, is if you already have a good job, or dont need to work, dont do it.

A bunch of CNA's in my program have difficulty b/c of clinical times interfering with their shifts so they can only work 1 or 2 days a week, and then they end up working til 11pm on nights before we have exams, and they are really. stressed out.

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