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How to get into school nursing,i.e. certification required.

by slsghaddar slsghaddar (New) New

Hello, I am a nurse who has been out of hands on nursing for a few years. I would like to return in the area of school nursing. I want to do an internship at a school in Saudi Arabia(where I am living now). I want to take some refresher courses and find out what certification is avaliable in this area of nursing. I have a BSN. Could someone please point me in the right direction for info. Thanks, Sonya


sonya ghaddar

There is a national Certification exam that you can take to get certified and there is a ANA certification, but each state has its own minimum requirements and some also have their own certification. So the answer is that it depends. Ther is a group of overseas school nurses who work in American Schools. Contact mary_jaessing@ccmail.odedodea.edu for more information and check out the National Association of School Nurses website www.nasn.org

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