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How to get into perioperative nursing?

I am a recent nursing grad and had good clinicals during school. I only saw a few surgeries, a C-section and an orthopedic one but I have always loved watching documentaries that involved surgeries and the like. I started a new job at a long term care facility because I found it hard to get hired in a hospital. I didn't work as a CNA cause of my traveling and I think that gave me a disadvantage. So far I am not really enjoying my job even only 5 days in.

I guess I have a few thoughts and concerns. I feel like I don't know very much even though I did great in school and the NCLEX. I know all nurses feel like that... But I also felt thrown under the bus in my workplace. On my fifth day of orientation, they put me by myself. This was super stressful and it makes me dread having to go back. I don't think I'll be by myself next work day, but I feel like it'll happen again when I don't feel ready.

I really would love some shadowing experience in the OR. I feel like covid might prevent some learning opportunities though. How have any of you gotten into OR nursing? How can I shadow some nurses to gain experience? I live in the Milwaukee area in Wisconsin so if anyone knows how I can get some experience, I'm all ears!


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