How do you get certified in another state?

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I'm going to be getting my LPN certification down here in Louisiana. My problem is, I would like to move back to New York(where I'm originally from) and work there. All the job listings there state " Must have NYS license".

Would there be a class I have to take?

Also, why wouldnt they accept my Louisiana license?




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There is usually reciprocity between states. Generally there is a form you have to fill out and a fee you have to pay to transfer your license to another state. I'd contact the licensing agency in NY.

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While foreverLaur is right, 90% of the time it is a matter of just filling out a form so your orig. license can be verified and paying a fee. Sometimes though, the educational credentials are not enough. You have to take courses to be eligeable for licensure. CA and NY are very tough. BON will be able to tell you. If you have to submit a transcript from school, that may be the problem you are running into.

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