How to get another ATT?

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My initial exam got canceled, follow up had to be rescheduled due to a family medical issue, and then I failed my NCLEX. My ATT is set to expire soon and I need to know how to renew it or get a new one. Is there anyone here that can give me any advice on what to do, where to call, what resources to look at, etc?

A Pearson Vue rep for the NCSBN said to contact my local BON. I have contacted the VA BON support line numerous times last week and today. DHP sends me to nursing, nursing either hangs up on me without saying a word (at least they could say that I'm calling the wrong department, but this is the department that DHP has twice sent me to, so...), the phone rings endlessly, goes to voicemail after waiting for 20 or more minutes or the voicemail is full. I have wasted, literally 3 hours today trying to get someone on the phone to answer a simple question about what to do.

I've contacted them via email and it's been 2 business weeks, no response. I've left voicemails and gotten no calls back (left more voicemails today). I've checked the website and scoured their FAQs (the website is an absolute mess) and I can't find an answer to my question.

I'm at my wit's end with this and it's getting the be incredibly infuriating. The fact that VA BON is incredibly unhelpful and outright rude doesn't make it any easier, either.

Sorry, I got things jumbled around.

My initial exam got canceled. I reapplied for NCLEX with VA BON. A family medical emergency came up and I had to reschedule my second NCLEX exam, but I don't have any suitable times before my ATT expires next week.

I'm trying to figure out if I just submit the repeat examination form again to get a new ATT or if I need to do something else. My school didn't even know that to do and said to contact VA BON, but VA BON is outright ignoring my question.


I reached out to some family friends and they were able to pull some strings to get me in touch with someone.

The answer, in case anyone needs it or sees this in the future, is that you don't need to submit any forms or fees with the VA BON. If your ATT has expired (and not because you failed the NCLEX) then all you have to do is to register again with Pearson Vue and notify the VA BON that you have registered again.

If you fail the NCLEX, then you need to fill out a Repeat Exam Application and pay a $50 processing fee.

Both of these situations only adhere as long as your initial application is not older than 1 year. If your application is older than 1 year, then it will longer be on file and you will have to do an initial application form and processing (criminal background check, fingerprint, transcripts, etc.) all over again.

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