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I need your help.

I've been asked to work on the second edition of "No Time to Teach?" I would like to add creative ways to explain complex medical stuff to lay learners. I'm sure every person reading this has at least one method they found works.

For example, when describing to a learner how the percussion and vibration of CPT (chest physiotherapy) works, I say it's like shaking Jell-o out of the mold.

Got it?

Please send me your personal favorite, with your name (with credentials) and job title. If I use your contribution, you'll be listed in the acknowledgments.



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Correctional nursing is what I call "The Last Frontier in Nursing". Why? Because every experience with patient's, physicians, surgeons and hospital managers that you have had will come to play in providing optimum care to these inmates. It can be a multi-tasking job with many decisions to be made with regard to assessment and implementing the appropriate care for the inmate. You won't need to brush up on your psyche skills - a couple weeks of interation with these inmates will get you up to speed. Whether the facility is private or state/county provided, cost issues are right up there with intelligent medical decisions. The autonomy this kind of nursing provides you tends to expand your desire to keep up on all aspects of disease, trauma, cardiac and orthopaedic education. Yes, there can be danger, but if you have been a nurse for a while, you can anticipate via review of records and listening to your peers which inmate to watch out for. Collaborate with security officers - they are your protection - and they will be there for you if you follow the rules of the institution and treat EVERY inmate the same - no more, no less. Leave your personal life at home - do your job - and you will want to stay there a long time.

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