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How Does Training Usually Work?

For a Nursing Tech (CNA with more duties??) at your workplace (my case is at an acute rehab hospital).....

Is it learning in books, then demonstration, then on your own? Are there tests involved? What about outside "class" work? Or is it observing, or practicing on dummies?

I have four full weeks of training where I have to completely start from scratch, as I am not even a CNA. I'm really nervous but excited, I just am not sure how it's going to work. Will I get a set of patients right off the bat, or will I just shadow another tech? Am I supposed to know anything already? I am not in my clinical phase yet but they hired me anyway....I keep reading that most places you need to have a semester of nursing school under your belt--will I be at a disadvantage?

[My goal is to eventually become an RN, however I am just finishing my freshman year in college as a pre-nursing major.]

Well, no matter what happens even if I am incompetent--it will be a learning experience.

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I am a bit surprised that somewhere hired you as a nurse tech with no nursing school experience or tech training really.... hopefully this 4 week training helps a bit. Be careful not to go outside your scope of practice or comfort level, good luck!

The job just fell upon my shoulders--otherwise I would have never even thought to apply but I couldn't turn down the opportunity for experience....I think I'm going to need the luck. I mean, I'm a "smart" person, but that alone is not going to be enough to keep up with the more experienced workers...deep breaths....

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In the hospital I used to work at we had patient tech's who did alot of the stuff one would consider CNA work, but also did things like draw blood. The hospital will let you know what you can and can't do. For the blood draws they usually practiced on a dummy arm, then each other.

Have fun - it should be great practice for nursing school.


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