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How difficult is it to get into Daytona State College?


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Hello all! I know that no nursing program is "easy" to get into, but I was just wondering about the difficulty and wait time of Daytona State College. I was going to apply at Seminole Community College in Orlando because that's where I'm from, but I still have to take Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2, Microbiology & Nutrition. Those seem to be top priority in terms of prerequisites so I'm sure I'll be at the bottom of the list and probably won't get in. I was majoring in Elementary Ed so I didn't have to take any of those. Now that I changed my major to Nursing I'm kicking my butt for wasting all that time!

Anyway, Daytona seems to have programs starting more often so I was thinking that I might get in there quicker. I just can't afford to waste much time. I'm sure that all of us want to get started right away, huh?!

So, can any of you tell me how long it took you to get into the program at Daytona? I see that there are quite a few of you on here so I'm hoping someone can help me. Also, did you have all of your prereq's finished and what was your GPA? Mine is only a 3.1 :scrying: so I'm thinking that others will be ahead of me in that area too. I made the Deans and Presidents lists a few times but I'm sure that doesn't count for anything LOL

I was thinking about renting a house in Deltona so I can apply to both Daytona and Seminole at the same time but no matter where I get accepted I would have to drive at least 30 minutes and that's just no fun!

Well, thanks for any help you can give me!

i applied to daytona in may of 2007. i recieved a letter of acceptance, and would start in august of 2008. luckily i was bumped up and started in january of '08.

when i applied, i was finishing up a&p 1. i still had to take micro. over the summer and i was taking a&p 2 in the fall of '07. my gpa was 4.0 with just daytona classes, but a 3.3 or so with all my previous ucf classes factored in (yeah, another one who changed majors...).

i have heard that the applicartion process has changed though. i believe there is no longer a "waiting list" per say. you just have to sign up during each application period and "wait and see". don't quote me on that, though.

your best bet, see an advisor for both schools, apply to both, and *then* move. =)

good luck!

hi, can i apply to both colleges? I was at Daytona State College just a few days ago and they told me that it is illegal to take classes in both, so i thought it will be illegal to apply in both colleges. Please help me to have more clear my ideas if you know for sure i can apply both colleges. Thanks.


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I live in Deltona. Don't rent a house here...it's not the best of places to live. Anyway, It is not illegal to attend 2 colleges as far as I know. I am doing my pre-req's for my RN bridge right now at DSC and am going to transfer to Valencia to attend their RN program. All lecture is ONLINE, and the only time you are actually away from your computer is when you are in clinicals. The only downside of Valencia's LPN-RN program is that you have to have a 30-hour IV certification under your belt before applying.

In order to get into the Daytona State RN program you need to have all pre-requisits finished, have a decent score on the TEAS exam, and have a 3.5 GPA (or whatever GPA they are accepting, you'll need to talk to an advisor about that) After you finish all of those things you need to apply, and let the waiting game begin. It took them 2 months to send me my acceptance letter. It's not hard to get in but it's not necessarily easier than Seminole. You'll still need all of the same pre-recs. Hope that helped!

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