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How to convert grading system to calculate GPA

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I finished nursing outside the USA, our grading system is different from yours. For example in Graduate school: 1.0= 95 and above; 1.25=92.5-94.0; 1.5=90-92.4 etc.

My BSN grading system is also different: 1=95-100%; 1.25=92-94% etc.

I will definitely have my grades evaluated, but I want to know also how to calculate it??? Please help

Kevin RN08

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I don't know that they will convert cleanly. As you may know our schools are normally on an 8 or 10 point scale an A is either 90% or 92%.

An A= 4.0 grade points which is above 92% or 90%

B=3.0 grade points and is 84% or 80%

C=2.0 grade points and is 76% or 70%

D=1.0 grade point and is 64% or 60%

F=0 is for below 64% or 60%

I don't know if this is what you're looking for but maybe it will help.

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