How can I reactivate American RN from Canada

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Hello! I'm considering going back into nursing after 12 years out, so my RN has expired. I was previously licensed in Maine (1999), California (until 2009) which was my primary work location. Also licensed (but never worked) in WA, and OR.  I was most recently an RN in BC, Canada (until 2013). The tricky part is I became somewhat disabled: hence the reason I'm not working. But, I'd really like to become an RN patient advocate (am moving back to the US at some point as I'm married to an American....just waiting on my green card). Not sure which state we're moving to but probably TN or FL.  How do I go about getting my license? Is it mandatory to do an RN refresher? Do I need to rewrite the NCLEX since it's been so long? I would like to do as much of the refresher online, from here in Canada so I'm ready to go once I move. The TN board of nursing states I have to contact the CA board of nursing but no one replies to my calls. Given that I have an invisible disability, I need special accommodation for the clinical. TIA for your help. 

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