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How can I finish RN program

by frankiesmith frankiesmith (New) New

Hi everyone, I really hope someone has some good advice for me. I did my first and second semester on chemo and failed med-surg.no problem I repeated med-surg. Then in the third semester I failed med-surg again how can I finish doing the RN program,since no schools in Los Angeles let you come in for the third semester. Is their online schools for RN programs. I can't give up now I have come too far. Thanks for any advice anyone has!


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You are likely going to either need to repeato or see if your state allows for sitting for the NCLEX-PN. If you pass that exam, you can usually apply for advanced placement straight into block 3 of programs that offer advanced placement. Some do and some don't. Also, as an LPN you can apply for LPN to RN bridge programs. Hopefully someone else will have another option for you, but as far as I know, you will likely need to apply for block one since each program is different and most will not accept nursing core classes completed in a different program. Also, keep in mind that a majority of schools will not admit students who have failed in another program because admission is so competitive that they don't have to. It is seen as a risk and they would rather admit a new student with no history of program failure. Their are usually 5-10 year wait periods after a program failure required before being able to apply to a program again. And if you lie about a previous nursing program failure and they find out, you will be immediately dismissed for dishonesty. I'm not trying to be a downer, just realistic.

Also, keep in mind that your road has not ended if this is what you want. You first need to take a deep look inside and see if there were any other factors that contributed to your failure. I can understand being treated with chemo as a pretty tough thing to do while in school. But were there times that you could have devoted more to studying? Were you understanding concepts? Do you think you could use some A&P review. If you truly feel you could pass a nursing course and make a good nurse, then you can also apply for an LPN program and once completed and passed NCLEX, you can then apply for LPN-RN. That, of course, is only if you cant sit for LPN after block 2 completion.