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Hi there, 

I just got hired at a hospital as a float pool CNA and I suffer from G.A.D and clinical depression (depression/anxiety well controlled by meds). I'm honestly terrified because although I was a caregiver for 5 years, I feel being a CNA is a whole new level. I have 2 more days of orientation and just thinking about it makes me cry. I guess I need help toughening up because I want to be an acute care NP in the near future. 


My first day was a disaster. My CNA orienter left me alone with a 5150 and she went AWOL. I was not supposed to be alone with a 5150 on the first day and everybody knew this CNA is "rude/condescending". Most of the nurses were very sweet to me but this CNA kinda made me have palpitations. 

My second day was much better with a new CNA orienter(sp?). I learned so much but I have trouble with time management and with my pyxis (we used this system we must use to get beside commode/toothbrush/etc). It is a teaching hospital so we get many new grads on the floor. 


I have the weekend orienting for evening shift. How do I better prepare myself with time management? I was in nursing school but failed out so I'm a little familiar with how CNA report goes. But I still never done an ostomy (clean/drain/whatever) before. 

I try to manage my anxiety but I hate that I get palpitations and my hands get shaky. I plan on doing this for 2 years then head to RN school. Any help/tips? 

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