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How to Become a Wound Care RN

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My experience: 2 years nursing home, 2 years medsurg, 1 year outpatient hemodialysis.

I started the Hemodialysis job because of the location and work life balance. However, I'm feeling like I can't do this forever. In my heart of hearts, I really feel like I would enjoy wound care. I was the Skin Care Champion under the direction of the hospital's Wound Care Nurse during my time in the hospital. I really enjoyed my experience.

Did I shoot myself in the foot by leaving the hospital where I was gaining experience in wound care?

Can I just get certification online? Does that include clinical hours? Can I reach out to a wound care nurse at a hospital near me to precept?

How available are wound care nurse jobs?

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Eagle2110 has 5 years experience as a ADN, BSN, CNM and specializes in Wound Care.

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Hi Star!

I sent you a PM.

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