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Hello everybody, I am a UK Citizen hoping to come to the USA - Florida to be precise, early 2010. I am hoping to marry my fiance over there and start a new life as such in the US of A. I currently work in the online gambling industry and i am looking at becoming a LPN if possible. My questions are..

Do i need certain qualifications to start the program?

Do i have to have lived in the US for a certain period of time? I.E. - 3 years.

Will my criminal records prevent me from becoming a nurse? (possession of 2grams cannabis, and criminal damage, both of which are 8 and 11 years old)

Thanks in advance.

Oh and great forum by the way!! plenty to read :)



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From what I hear you cannot even get accepted into a nursing program if you have a criminal back round, at least that is how it is in NJ. I am not sure about the citizenship status but to get into the program you just apply and wait for a test date. Normally you take this test and based on those results and/or an interview that determines if you qualify or not. Good luck!

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Well Im originally from florida and yes you can get into the nursing program with the background but its up to the nursing board in tallahassee to grant you your license but you should be ok because from what my director told me they usually deny people that have domestic battery and child abuse chargers so good luck to you and your fiance...

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