How to become an ED nurse in the Boston area?


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I'm a Massachusetts nurse with just under 3 years of mixed experience. I've got some med-surg, psych, and pediatrics (ICU stepdown). Certified in BLS, PALS, NRP, CPI and hoping to take ACLS this summer. I also have some pediatric ENA courses completed through my per diem job. We do basic cardiac monitoring at my current hospital for peds, but not required to have a telemetry certification.

I really want to transition to the ED - any ED! The problem is, there are minimal postings for nurses without prior ED experience - all I have is previous tech experience there and I don't think that'll get me too far. I guess I'm looking to network. Does anyone know of any EDs that are hiring but don't post all their open positions online? Does anyone work at an ED who can tell me about its internal workings (is it supportive? what's the dynamic like? patient ratios? management and leadership? on the job training vs. being sent to classes)?

I really think the ED is an excellent fit for me. I like that no 12 hour shift is ever quite the same, I like the variability of patient care, the initial emergency and stabilization period, the prioritization and constant re-prioritization, the fast pace and chaos, the autonomy and sense of team. I feel like there will always be room for growth because even as the day to day may become redundant, you never know what may walk through the door. I need it, want it, have to have it. The question is where??


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hey, last time I browsed the Children's Boston website there was one posted, i bleiev within the last 48 hours as well as a few at St. Elizabeth's in Brighton. I am a peds RN as well....good luck with your job search you seem to have awesome experience thus far!