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How to Become an allnurses Nurse Innovator - Criteria & Approval Process

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Steps to Become an allnurses Nurse Innovator

Although anyone can post in the Nurse Innovator forum, to be an "approved allnurses Innovator", nursing bloggers, webinar/podast hosts, videographers, Vloggers, authors, etc. (innovators) must submit an application for review/approval.

Criteria for approval

  • Credentials to include active offsite personal nursing blog, Vlog, website with followers
  • Willingness to interact and network with others for the betterment of the offsite personal blog as well as the allnurses community
  • Agreement to comply with the Terms of Service

Upon approval

  • Active innovators who have met the preceding criteria will receive an INNOVATOR badge after posting 10 threads or 2 unique articles (600 words minimum, not posted on any other website or blog). This badge will identify you to the allnurses community and public as an official allnurses Innovator.
  • Approved Innovators are encouraged to post original articles/topics. Although you cannot post duplicate content from your personal blog/website, you may post another version. All articles must be approved before publication.
  • Innovators may post in any forum of the site
  • Innovators are encouraged to engage with the readers to increase their readership, visibility, and traffic to allnurses and their personal blog/website.
  • Innovators may not embed links to their blog/webste in their post, however you may include website links in your profile and/or bio.


As an approved allnurses Nurse Innovator I agree to:

  • Post 1 unique article or video, or 5 quality threads per month for 3 months. After that, we are sure you will see the benefits of exposure by active participation on allnurses.
  • Be active on allnurses.com and engage with the readers so that I may be able to increase my visibility and traffic to allnurses and to my own personal blog/website
  • Post link to my blog in my allnurses profile and/or bio
  • Post allnurses.com link on my personal blog/website.
  • Abide by the allnurses Terms of Service

Still have questions about how you can benefit from being an allnurses Innovator? Read How Can I Benefit from the Nurse Innovators Hub

If you agree to the above terms and would like to participate in the allnurses.com Nurse Innovators Hub, please complete the Nurse Innovators Hub Application .

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