How to apply for a job?


Hey guys i'm a new nurse (just got my license a little under 2 months ago YAY!!!), is there anything I can do to make myself stand out when I apply for hospital jobs, for example when i'm filling out everything online is there anything special or unique I can do to set me apart from the rest, because i've been applying for jobs left and right and I feel like they don't even look at my application. I may be a new grad but I have a little experience because i'm working in a Doctors office as her RN and I also have ACLS certification, is there anything I can do myself to set myself apart from the sea of applicants? Any help would be appreciated!

Although it is convenient, applying online can have its disadvantages. Between the positions being filled internally, hundreds of applications coming in for one job, and the lack of personal communication, it seems like a lost cause. Here are some things that may help: Read the job description for the position and try to incorporate those skills in your résumé. The computers that process these electronic applications filter for certain words of interest. Research "key words" for online applications and apply them to your résumé. A cover letter sent to the hospital nursing recruiter or department director shows your interest in the job. Furthermore, meeting with or introducing yourself to him/her could increase your chances of landing an interview. These people only see words on a screen. Making an effort and speaking with them personally adds a face to the words, often leaving a good impression. Keep trying and don't give up! :)