Houston Community College Application 2014


I applied to HCCS ADN program yesterday and am wondering if it's really as hard to get into as I've heard. I've taken all of my prerequisites as well as the recommended academics. I have A's in Microbiology and A&P I & II. I'm concerned because the school requires a minimum GPA of 3.0, and I barely made it with a 3.169. HESI scores are Reading- 92, English- 90, Math- 96, and A&P- 80. When I turned in the paperwork to the counselor said that I have some very good grades and seem to be focused. She also said that I should be expecting an invite to Pharm but that it doesn't mean that I will be accepted. I was wondering if their is any one that has been accepted into the program and has an idea of what they look for in applicants.