Hourly rate for these NJ hospitals?


Does anyone know the hourly rate (w/o differentials) for new BSN grads of these NJ hospitals? If you would know the differentials, that would help too. Thank you so much!

1) Hackensack University Medical Center

2) Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

3) Saint Peter's University Hospital (New Brunswick)

4) Raritan Bay Medical Center (Perth Amboy)

5) Jersey City Medical Center

Just to let you know that whatever info you get will not be accurate, just what you should take with a grain of salt. Hospitals pay based on experience, so you will hear salaries all over the board. You need to include your years of experience. And even that won't get you a proper answer, since if an RN gets merit increases, their rate will differ from others in the same situation. Finally, you need to consider the whole package - not only shift diffs, but cert pay (and if they reinburse for classes or the exam fees), PTO, bonuses for weekends or extra shifts, benefits, etc.

Additionally - hospitals are not allowed legally to state salaries or they are in violation of a non-compete act with the Federal government. Sounds like BS, but it's true. So you might not get a straight answer when you call recruiters.

I have a question for you to consider: Why do you want to know this information? It sounds like salary is the #1 factor for you. (If so, I can tell you that Jersey City and RWJ are the top two in pay, but they are union environments and you DO work for your money!!) Have you considerd total packages - training, environment, Magnet status, management style? The smaller community hospitals can be great for training opportunities. Raritan Bay has a PACE Award where you can earn $1k, $2k or $3k bonuses by completing "crdits" - CEU's, mentoring, precepting, helping with recruiting events, presenting at a conference, etc. It really rewards the knowledge you have. Some places pay for a BSN, certifications, or have a weekend bonus.

One caveat: Non-union places have merit increases (pay for performance not longevity - work in a seniority environment for a while and you'll appreciate that), and all will adjust your salary up when they do a market adjustment.

It's about priorities. I argue that the environment is key. Would you like to be miserable at a job but you're making a lot of money?

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I believe it was recently discussed on NJ forum-you may want to check there.


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